Improve the Air You Breathe

UV Lights Purification system can help ease allergies and remove oddorsThe air we breathe in our homes can be up to 100 times more polluted than outdoor air, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.  So let provide you with healthier indoor air and “Let the Sunshine In!” with our UVC Air Purifiers.’s Ultraviolet (UV) light technology enables you to have whole-house air treatment energy, like the sun, to improve your homes indoor air quality.

Battle microorganisms with highly intensive ultraviolet “C” (UVC) germicidal irradiation. This air treatment is designed to be more effective at significantly reducing unwanted bioaerosols (germs) in your home. Forget about the rest, and decide on the best indoor air quality air purification system.


The Facts About Indoor Air Quality

Allergens can create health problems for your family

We have been consumed about saving energy in our homes. Our efficient homes have become buttoned up so tight today as if it were preparing for a storm. The storm has manifested itself as indoor air pollution. Even though one may not have noticeable irritating symptoms, this silent and invisible menace threatens the quality of indoor air in homes every day.

The EPA has concluded that most of our exposure to toxic chemicals, harmful biologicals and allergens occur indoors where we spend over 90% of our time. In a way, this is good news. We have more power over the environment in our homes and businesses than we do on the outdoor environment.

It is well established that indoor air pollution can be the result of cleaning chemicals, mold in damp places, microorganism growth in carpets, poor building ventilation, and out gassing due to construction products used in new homes and renovations. The control of indoor pollutants is extremely important because of the adverse effects they can cause regarding ones long term health.

xCommon symptoms resulting from poor indoor air quality include:
headaches, fatigue, eye irritations, asthma attacks, breathing problems, dizziness, memory loss, depression, skin irritations, sinus infections, colds, flu, and viruses. Exposure to even low levels of contaminants can potentially lead to long-term health problems.


UV Purification lets the Sunshine In

lightwaves UV Light Air Purification SystemAll ultraviolet (UV) light is measured in units called nanometers. A nanometer (nm) is a wavelength of light approximately 1/25,000,000 inch or a billionth of a meter. Wavelengths of visible light range from about 400 to 700nm. UV wavelengths range from about 1 to 400nm.

The UV wavelength is shorter than visual light and is rendered invisible to the human eye. Let the Sunshine In! The sun that brings us daylight everyday also delivers UVC energy that protects us from germs, bacteria, viruses, and other destructive bioaerosols outdoors.