APCO UV Air Purifier for Central A/C Systems

apco-uv-in-duct-mountThe Fresh-Aire UV APCO™ is the next generation in IAQ improvement technology, incorporating an advanced absorptive photo-catalytic oxidation (APCO) monolithic cell.

A Current PCO technology is limited by only being capable of breaking down simple indoor air contaminates such as odors in the air as they pass by the PCO cell. Traditional PCO cells are ineffective on more complex VOCs such as formaldehyde or toluene.The Fresh-Aire UV APCO™ cell absorbs these contaminates and allows time for complete oxidation of these contaminates. Plus, the cell is regenerative, breaking down the captured impurities to simple carbon dioxide and water vapor. In addition, the Fresh-Aire UV APCO™ uses our proven shielded UV-C lamp for airborne disinfection, not to mention irradiating the coil to eliminate system clogging biological growth unlike other PCO systems.
APCO UV Product Specifications
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  • Advanced Monolithic Absorptive PCO cell with proprietary absorption media and proven TiO2 photo-catalytic coating for the reduction of complex VOCs and household odors.
  • Non-Ozone quartz 254 NM UV-C lamp for airborne germicidal disinfection
  • Simple duct-mounted installation
  • Lifetime power supply warranty
  • Easy to install 18-32 VAC or 110-277 VAC power supply fits any application
  • Reversible design when increased airstream bio-kill is desired
  • Remote second lamp available for return side coil treatment



  • Reduces airborne pathogens such as mold, bacteria, viruses and odors
  • Reduces harmful household VOCs (volatile organic compounds) through an advanced absorptive photo-catalytic oxidation process
  • More effective on complex VOCs such as formaldehyde than conventional PCO products
  • Provides surface treament of coils, heat-strips, & blowers unlike conventional PCO technology


Odors & Toxic Chemicals In Indoor Air

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) can make indoor air smell bad and can be harmful to your health. There are thousands of different VOCs produced and used in our daily lives, including toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde, benzene, and acetone.

The Solution is APCO™


Common Sources of VOCs Include:

  • Building materials
  • Carpets & adhesives
  • Upholstery fabrics
  • Vinyl floors
  • Composite wood products
  • Paints & varnishes
  • Sealing caulks & glues
  • Carpet cleaning solvent
  • Home & personal care products
  • Air fresheners
  • Air cleaners that produce ozone
  • Cleaning & disinfecting chemicals
  • Cosmetics
  • Smoking & fireplaces
  • Fuel oil & gasoline
  • Moth balls
  • Vehicle exhaust from an attached garage